SmallChess is a high quality and brilliantly presented chess playing app. You'll improve your chess with a very strong chess coach (FIDE 3000+), offering nine distinct coaching styles. Feeling bored? SmallChess supports online multiplayer. Don't forget to analyse your games for improvements. Tablebase, opening explorer, chess album, puzzles, beauty-of-chess, guess-the-move, maths-genius, variations, annotations, advanced database, Bobby Fischer & Magnus Carlsen... Amazing interactive experience... Try it today for free!


SmallFish is a strong but free chess playing app. It is powered by the latest Stockfish chess engine and optimised for iPhone 5 and iPad. The source code is available.

SmallFish (iOS 6)

The same SmallFish app but optimised for iOS 6. More suitable for the older devices.

Chess Mini

Do you want to challenge the world's smallest engine in an unorthodox game? Do you want to play Fischer-Random and Upside-Down Chess? Do you want to promote your queen on your second move? Can you beat the smallest engine? Download and challenge yourself against the smallest.

It's Powerful

You will improve your chess with a very strong chess engine (FIDE 3000+). SmallChess offers engine analysis and nine coaching styles. It is an ultimate chess master in your pocket.

It's Amazing

Amazing functionality for the impossible. Online multiplayer (FICS), puzzles, think-like-a-grandmaster, beauty-­of-­chess, social media, tablebase, opening explorer, cartoons, jokes, trivia and more....

It's Innovative

Can you beat Fischer & Carlsen? You will challenge the chess legends in our guess-the-move. Everything is beautifully annotated - variations, grandmaster analysis, pictures, videos... You will be stunned.

Want More?

SmallFish, an improvement of the Stockfish chess engine for iOS. It has better interface, graphics, iPhone 5 support and powered by the most updated Stockfish engine. And it is free!




Magnus Carlsen & Bobby Fischer

You or Magnus Carlsen, who is a better chess player? Prove yourself in our innovative Guess-The-Move, a game in which you assume the roles of a famous grandmaster. You will be asked to select a move from three selections. Everything is brilliantly annotated - variations, variation boards, pictures, videos, animations... It is a great learning tool to bring your chess to a new level.

  • Annotations & Variations
  • Highly animated
  • Variation boards
  • Integration with Google & Youtube
  • Mini-Board

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What's Next? Select your move Comments Variations & Topalov

You have probably heard of Bobby Fischer's The Game of the Century, but can you exercise the same brilliance as Fischer did? Chess Review wrote: "The following game, a stunning masterpiece of combination play performed by a boy of 13 against a formidable opponent, matches the finest on record in the history of chess prodigies.". We will show you everything about the game. You will learn:
  • Moving the same piece twice in the opening wastes time: other pieces should be developed first.
  • Material sacrifices are likely to be effective against a king still in the middle and on an open central file.

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Bobby Fischer Move of the Century Your move Annotations & Variations